Safety Surfacing

South West Surfacing Specialists have installed countless safety surfaces for a number of applications; slippery decking boards, around swimming pools and into play areas in back gardens, as well as the obvious parks, schools, nurseries and elderly people’s homes. By utilising RECYCLED rubber products, these are a fantastic surfacing solution, which are strong and resilient, porous, anti-slip and friendly to bare foot. So let us bring this high performance, eco-green, recycled environmental solution to your project. Depending on your requirements, most jobs under 200m2 will be completed in a day with minimum disruption. It is a SUDS regulated product so size is no issue for planning.

RUBBER MULCH SAFETY SURFACING is a system created on site, by mixing splintered rubber with a strong and flexible polyurethane resin. The splintered rubber is sourced from smooth rubber tyres, like fork lift tyres or formula 1 slick tyres, and is recycled in a way that gives a tree bark mulch-like aesthetics (hence the name).

Once mixed, the entirely coated wet rubber mulch is poured and levelled using specially designed tools, then left to cure.

To ensure the system is strong and provides adequate ‘BOUNCE’, we always maintain a minimum wear depth of 40mm.

RUBBER CRUMB SAFETY SURFACING is a system created on site, by mixing rubber tyre granules, with a strong and flexible polyurethane resin, using a special forced action mixer. Once mixed, the small (3mm) rubber crumb pieces are referred to as wet pour, as we almost pour the system into place. The coated rubber is then levelled and knitted together with specially designed tools. To ensure the system is strong and meets British Standards, we always install rubber crumb wear layers to a minimum depth of 20mm

The SHOCKPAD is what gives the finished rubber surface its soft spongy feel under foot. For rubber surfaces installed over 40mm for the rubber mulch, or 20mm for the rubber crumb will require a shock pad.  The total depth required is dependent on the ‘Critical Fall Hight’ (CFH), so the higher the fall, the greater the shock pad depth. The shockpad is constructed in the same manner as above for the wear layer, but with much larger recycled tyres (6-10mm) granules.

SUB-BASE layer will comprise of MOT Type 1 stone, which is the foundations layer of most highways/road construction. This product is levelled and compacted using a heavy plate compactor, or pedestrian roller, to a minimum depth of 150mm.

CFH (Critical fall height) is the height of the highest point that a child could fall from playing apparatus. This information is important to us, as it will dictate the total depth requirement of the safety rubber play pad. The close knit texture of the coloured surface is really only a wearing course, or surface layer to the shock pad.

Before & After

Benefits of Safety Surfacing

  • indoors or
  • EASY
  • no loose
  • Non

Eco friendly – Recycled rubber

Smooth level finish

Vandal proof

Vibrant colour selection

Anti slip

Nice on bare foot

Breathable product

Doesn’t conduct heat

Easy to clean

Shock absorbing safety surface

No dusty rubber

Stimulating graphics for children

Golf shoe friendly

Football boot friendly

Wheelchair friendly

Safety Surfacing Colours

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Fire Blend

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Earth Blend



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