Whatever the requirement is, we can deliver! We are experienced hand lay Tarmacadam installers, that are able to take on the more tricky projects that a machine just cannot get too, like driveways, footpaths and gardens.
As Tarmacadam specialists, we can advise and specify the product to best suit your project. Not every project is the same, and one Tarmacadam does not fit all.
Some of the key Tarmacadam products we install:
This Tarmacadam comprises of a 20mm aggregate, and forms a strong base for the likes of road construction. It can be laid to a minimum depth of 60mm and will provide a sound base for your road, drive or footpath.

This is a surfacing material that can be put down over a hardcore base, or an open grade base Tarmacadam, to allow a good percentage of stormwater to run through the surface. This surfacing has been developed to comply with SUDS regulations, and is used in conjunction with our resin bound anti-slip, porous paving, to create a completely porous system. This material is still rolled smooth, but leaves an open textured finish, so the finished surface is never compromised.
S.M.A. (Stone Mastic Asphalt) WEARING COURSE
We specify an SMA finishing/wearing layer for driveways, due the long term effects of daily parking and power assisted turning.

SMA  is a high performance asphalt, with a smooth and highly durable finish, that resists; scuffing, deformation and frost damage. As a result, the surface keeps its premium appearance for much, much longer.

SMA has a more desirable, slick black finish, which is a little more expensive, but is definitely worth it in the long run.

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