Resin Bound Steps

South West Surfacing Specialists have been forming flawless Resin Bound Steps for well over a decade. Utilising our technical knowledge and practical experience, we’ve developed unique techniques which enable us to apply our resin bound system vertically. This allows us to maintain a seamless resin bound surface across different levels, or carry the beautiful aesthetics of a resin bound driveway, right up to the entrance of your property.

We can specifically tailor resin steps to your personal preference or requirements. Be it a smoothly curved bullnose or a precise square edge, we have the tools and expertise to deliver an impeccable finish.

Servicing both the commercial and private sectors, has given us a comprehensive understanding of appropriate building regulations, whilst maintaining exquisite design and execution. Building regulations are implemented as a building industry standard, and at South West Surfacing Specialists, we understand the; tolerances, dimensions, as well as the visual contrasts required for visibility.

We take this knowledge and incorporate it into every install, commercial or private residential, for a stunning attribute to your property or project, that complies with all necessary building regulations.

Resin Bound Steps


Car parks, heritage sites, swimming pool surrounds, driveways, footpaths, gardens, barbecue areas, patios and balconies. The aesthetically pleasing finish can be used for domestic, industrial and commercial use with a huge choice of aggregates and colours. There are granites, quartz, flints and recycled glass to choose from.

If you’re looking for a porous SUDS regulated driveway or patio don’t despair with the recent environmental agency planning permission, as this surfacing is completely SUDS compliant, due to the make-up of the structure being; 803 mot compacted stone, open texture Tarmacadam and a wearing/surface course of resin bound.

It can also be laid over slabs, brick pavers, Tarmacadam/asphalt and concrete, however, we cannot guarantee the existing surface, but use our experience and expertise to advise where needed.

This resin system is a modern and versatile alternative to conventional paving and will revive a patio/barbecue area into a decorative entertaining area with no weeds, but just a very contemporary finish.

The porous resin bound system is assessed as non-hazardous to health or the environment. The long service life and seamless surface has been observed now by our experts for well over 10 years, which is why we can comfortably put a 10 year guarantee on this product, however, realistically if well maintained, will stay strong and vibrant for much, much longer.

Colour Range

We have personally had a multitude of aggregates tested for strength, durability and overall suitability for resin bound. This gives us the potential to produce countless combinations and bespoke blends to perfectly fit your project. To help your selection process, we have put our stone matrix selections into 5 key ranges:

Natural range – this is for the more natural aggregates like you would see in stone built walls, ideal for cottage settings.

Modern range – this covers all the slate greys, anthracite and dark blends, perfect for stylish modern properties.

Passion range – if you want to make a bold statement, or be taken to the beautiful rooftops of Spain, we have the red, pink and terracotta tones.

Pearl range – this range screams luxury and elegance, and includes the lighter aggregates with a hint of pearl.

Gold range – these blends will brighten and bring warmth to any surface (even in the UK), think, sand, sun and lemon tones, great for coastal properties.

Before & After

Before Resin Bound Steps
After Resin Bound Steps

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