Recycle Pave

Our Recycle Pave system is a fantastic Eco-Friendly surfacing solution for foot path applications! By combining a special blend of recycled rubber and kiln dried aggregate, with a super strong polyurethane resin, we form an extremely durable surface that is resilient to significant foot traffic, at the same time as providing a slight bounce, to make a very pleasant walking experience.

The rubber comes from recycled tyres and the system has been designed with particular components to be exceptionally durable, so Recycle Pave really is a great Eco-Friendly option, that will last a very long time.

Recycle Pave is anti-slip, porous and very strong, but at the same time incredibly flexible. As a result, it can be applied over existing surfaces, or even over South West Surfacing Specialists unique construction of compacted 803 stone. This makes the highly decorative and high performance surface, a cost effective solution.

With the surface’s porous properties, South West Surfacing Specialists can offer a SUDS compliant Recycle Pave system, that can deal with the heaviest of storm water.

Before & After

Benefits of Recycle Pave

  • indoors or
  • EASY
  • no loose
  • Non

Eco friendly – Recycled rubber

Smooth level finish

Vandal proof

Vibrant colour selection

Anti slip

No plastic waste

Nice on bare foot

Breathable product

Doesn’t conduct heat

Easy to clean

Shock absorbing safety surface

No dusty rubber

Stimulating graphics for children

Golf shoe friendly

Football boot friendly

Wheelchair friendly

Recycle Pave Colours

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