Tiverton Primary School: A 16th century tribute in a resin bound footpath

Tiverton Primary School contacted us as they had a very uneven walkway leading from their school entrance to the main entryway for visitors. The old concrete slab walkway proved a trip hazard with the slabs also gathering rain in the centre as they weren't completely level.

We installed a resin bound footpath for the school with their school logo embedded in different colours into it. The logo originates from a local man, George Slee, who was a medieval wool merchant in the 16th century. He donated money to schools in the area so Tiverton Primary used the logo he stamped onto his products as a dedication to him.

To create the logo set in the footpath we built a custom template and then poured the red resin in around it to set. After this we completed the rest of the resin surface in the variant colours.  The school are extremely happy with their new walkway and their embedded logo.