Whatever the requirements we are experienced hand lay tarmacers that are able to take on the tricky more difficult jobs a machine just can not get to like driveways and footpaths, and for planning these areas out we use a planer on the arm of a JCB. The JCB arm is also the most effective way to do patching and road repairs due to its versatility.


Wearing course/top layer The final surface depends on the traffic flow so for light traffic (pedestrians ) we put down a 6mm lime stone and we use a 10mm or 14mm hardstone road repairs, driveways, industrial estates, foot paths, cycle tracks, highway maintenance, pothole car parks, forecourts and private areas.


This is a 20mm or up to a 30mm aggregate based tarmacadam which is strong and used as a road base and can be put in different thicknesses / layers to built a sound base to your road or drive and then rolled into position.


This is a surfacing material that can be put down over a hardcore base or an open grade base tarmacadam to allow a good percentage of the stormwater to run through the surface. This surfacing has been developed to comply with SUDS regulations and is used in conjunction with our resin bound anti slip porous paving to create a complete porous system. This material is still rolled smooth but leaves a open texture finish so the finished surface is never compromised.

S.M.A. (Stone mastic Asphalt)

SMA is a refined tarmacadam mix which has fibres added to the mix to enhance its wearing and durability (more expensive but it can be worth it). Each individual layer whether it is hardcore or tarmacadam is compacted/rolled into place to suit and the edges sealed with a jointing sealant to finish.

Driveway Process