Safety Surfacing


WET POUR Surfacing is a system created on site by mixing the rubber granules with a polyurethane resin using our forced action mixer. Once mixed the totally coated wet rubber is poured and leveled using specially designed tools.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) recycled rubber is the material we use for this specialised surfacing. This impact-absorbing material is porous and resilient over a wide temperature range while making a safe environment. It comes in many colours with black being the lowest in cost. We can install any desired graphics or designs.

CFH (Critical fall height) is the height of the highest point that a child could fall from playing apparatus. This information is important to us so we can determine the total depth of the safe rubber playing pad. The close knit texture of the coloured surface is really only a wearing course or surface layer to the shock pad.

SHOCKPAD is what gives the finished rubber surface its soft spongy feel under foot. This is also depth depending on the CFH, so the higher the fall the more SBR rubber we use which is recycled tyres of 6mm-10mm granules.

SUB-BASE or foundation layer will comprise of MOT Type 1 or similar approved graded aggregated compacted to line and levels to a minimum of 100mm thick compacted and, depending on site conditions, a maximum of 300mm compacted.

Outdoor play people

South West Surfacing Specialists have also installed rubber crumb for its porous anti-slip bare foot friendly finish to slippery decking boards, around swimming pools and into play areas in back gardens as well as the obvious parks, schools, nurseries and elderly people’s homes.

So let us bring this high performance,eco-green, recycled environmental solution to your project. Depending on your requirements most jobs under 200m2 will be completed in a day with minimum disruption. It is a SUDS regulated product so size is no issue for planning.


• Environmentally sound – re-using tyres

• Versatile – can be overlayed on a worn out soft play area

• No settlement and movement

• Keeps clean- power washable

• Seamless finish

• Wide range of colours available for bright and fun finishes

• Can be applied direct onto existing sub-base, tarmac or concrete

Driveway Process